Sunday, May 04, 2008

Trip To Brighton

Saturday 3rd of May, 8am departure time... It took about 2 hours to arrive to Brighton, but it was worth it! Then ready to start the tour with the great company of Nunu and Alice. Just in the Pier one realise the nice environment of the place, even more while walking on the seafront. Lunch time early in The Regency Restaurant, quite good, and after that walking towards the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. On the way, we stopped in an art exhibition and the town centre, actually lots of interesting places to look around... to highlight, a good singer playing guitar in New Road. The sunny day was perfect and allowed people to enjoy the museum front gardens, nice architecture and interesting exhibitions in it. On our way back, we went to the O2 store but no iphone 8GB for Nunu, anyway, looking at some colourful trainers in a shop, ahh and the chocolates presentation at Choccywoccydoodah was fantastic... looking for ice creams, finally The Splash... some photos on the beach relaxing a bit, perfect..! and no choice, time to take the bus back... quick trip but enough to keep nice memories from my first visit to Brighton!

Typical day studying in the LRC - UH

Learning Resources Centre (LRC) - University of Hertfordshire, ground floor, from left to right: Smita, I, Sumit and Khalid... yeah, studying Web Services.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trip to Switzerland

939 days without posting, anyway, this is a good opportunity, here I go...

Easter time was coming, and it meant 3 weeks on "holiday" (yeah, a pseudo one, pending assignment and readings), anyway a change of environment was required indeed, I didn't mind, at least few days, just to refresh my mind. Switzerland was a good choice, and in fact it was a great one. Neither a detailed plan nor a big budget, but the willing was enough to have a nice time.

Tuesday night after 10pm in D'Hav, good dinner with Smita and Manasi, masala and stuff. Amy was coming from London with Rakan, I was tired but I had a chat with Amy and Catherine instead, then at 5am the chinese taxi took us to Luton Airport. Quick flight to Zurich, not that cold, priority to get francs and the transport tickets, OK. First impression, nice trains, fortunately the central area was quite near, and what was even better, the hotel Bristol as well. Rakan preferred to rest in the room, so Amy started showing us the area, a McDonald's meal looking at the snow slightly coming down, getting freezing. Then, she bought a pink playboy zippo, and Khalid a "che Guevara" lighter, and cigarettes. Maria Magdalena Mauritius Museum close to us, then, please, a nap in the hotel. After 5pm we went to the shopping area, nice road with the best brands, patisseries, Louis Vuitton, etc, really nice atmosphere, at the end, the Zurichsee. On the way back, a beer and quiche in a coffee shop, perfect, some more photos, and snacks in 'coop', in the hotel, energy no remained for the night out, ~everybody slept till next day. Morning call at 6am, breakfast, and 7:30am train, our long journey was just starting, marvellous swiss landscapes. Zurich, Bern, Laussane, and Geneva, our first stop, spectacular lake, swans, and the alps behind, lebanese lunch, satisfied. Back to Laussane, lot of shops on the hill, a nice church (St-François), Starbucks coffee, walking around, a swiss t-shirt, Rakan's friend, time to go to Vevey and Montreux, where Amy studied before. Lovely city and lake Geneva's sight, thai dinner + playing cards + cheese fondue after, full. Train back to Zurich trough Laussane, arriving midnight, one bag left on the train (ipod & psp) but taken on time, OK... In hotel, chatting till 2am, and then got up at 11am! Time to leave the bags in the locker, coffee in the train station, and Lucerne waiting for us. Raining, lots of photos on the kapellbrucke (bridge) and lunch in a nice local restaurant (careful with the bell!). 4pm already, time to come back to Zurich, but before souvenirs in the station. Quickly took the bags from the hotel and train to the Airport. There, some chocolates in 'migros', finally the swiss knife (spartan lite), some drinks and cigarettes in the duty free for them, and flight 8:20pm, back to Luton Airport. Rakan and Amy on different ways, no buses to Hatfield for me and Khalid, what about a taxi, let's hire it then. Nice trip! Definitely I will come back.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Google versus otras alternativas clásicas

Google sigue avanzando y con mérito ganando más adeptos en la red. Sus productos se caracterizan por ser innovadores y grándemente útiles, como por ejemplo Google Earth, el recién lanzado Google Talk, y un diverso etcétera. Esto es, si es de Google, el megaproyecto debe tener un plus que lo va a identificar y diferenciar del resto, recursos no faltan. Tendencia próspera de una compañía próspera. Y es que, cuando una compañía crea diferencias, como lo está haciendo Google, despierta a los competidores. Una muestra de ello, el incremento de páginas indexadas y frecuencia de actualizaciones en los buscadores actuales, y el incremento en la capacidad de almacenamiento de los populares correos electrónicos gratuitos disponibles en la web. Así, quisieramos más compañías tipo Google.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Y así nació Wayqeland...

El fondo es personal, camino único que se hace al andar, por eso, éste será un blog wayqe, bueno, un adjetivo que por ahora define bien mi particular estilo; y en cuanto a la forma, inicialmente está in default, veremos, ya con el tiempo se irá diferenciando. La idea es tender a lo que es uno, reflejar mi ser en el ciberespacio, salvo limitantes interfaces que nunca faltan.

Creación del Wayqeland Blog

Lo tenía en mente desde hace tiempo, mas no me atrevía a "ensuciar" la Web con mi sello personal, sin embargo justificar mi existencia virtual pudo más, por lo menos esta noche en particular, y hecho está.